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BY: Sharon Secor / July 12 , 2012

Immerse yourself for a few minutes on a virtual ride through The Bike Friendly State. Take a look at our new video - it will remind you why you love to get out and pedal in Minnesota.

Take a break and spend a few moments with our new video. It will remind you of all the reasons why Minnesota is The Bike Friendly State.

It’s all about bike paths, that perfect day in the saddle, the lakes you stop by, the trails you want to try and and all the places to stop and to stay and to explore.

Share the video with a friend who needs a bike ride or someone who just loves biking. 

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  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL video! Keep up the great work! Bike far, bike fast!Brandon
  2. awesomeCraig
  3. We've got plenty of trail info coming on ALL the trails in our state, including the Mississippi River Trail in the next few weeks and months. Check back for more. Only sorry we couldn't get every trail in MN in this video.PedalMinnesota
  4. Though the Mississippi River Trail isn't specifically mentioned, there's plenty of MRT info on MnDOT's web site and Facebook page: and Walton
  5. Well done! Enjoyed seeing our serpent and mountain bike trails. Jenny Smith Crosby, MNno name
  6. Great piece show but never mention the Mississippi River. The most prominent linear feature in the state, , country and a great bicycling resource via the Mississippi River Trail. A giant gaping hole.Pablo