Map Out Your Next Minnesota Adventure

BY: Lisa Lucas / May 16 , 2012

Map out your next Minnesota adventure with our neat and helpful mapping feature!

Welcome to the Pedal Minnesota Map. It features bike routes, dedicated bike paths, bike friendly roads and trail systems throughout the state. But this map also pinpoints all kinds of hidden gems along the way.

Cafes and bike shops, campgrounds and museums, lodging, locations of events and more are all here. We’ve also mapped out points of interest worth hopping off your saddle to check out.

See for yourself. Click and zoom in and find all kinds of awesome places to pedal, plus pit stops worth a gander. Because here in Minnesota, it’s about the journeys and the destinations.

Here’s how to use the map:

First – where do you want to go? If it’s a cafe or a historical spot, enter the destination you have in mind and a drop down menu will give you some choices.

Then you can choose to look at the area around that location OR you can choose to get directions by clicking on “Get Biking Directions.” This choice will take you to another page that will allow you to then choose two addresses or places to go.

Enter the addresses you have in mind and hit “Get Directions.” The quickest bike ride between the two points will be outlined in purple but you’ll also see other bike routes (they appear in dark green or dotted green lines) on the map.

Want to take a detour or know a better way to go? Just click on the purple line and drag the line to another bike trail or road.

You can also change the beginning and ending destinations by dragging the “A” and “B” points to other spots on the map.

You’ll have two ways of seeing how to get to wherever you want to go: directions and the map. You can follow either one, depending on how you like to travel.

Finally, you can save and take a look at these directions in a couple of ways. You can send yourself the directions in a link, print them out OR use Pedal Minnesota on you smartphone or tablet.

Any questions on how to use this feature? Leave us a comment so we can help!

Finally, find an error on the map? Click the link below so we can fix it.


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  1. What does 'bike friendly roads' mean? I'm going to get into cycling, but around where I live, there are more of these on the map than actual trails. Thanks!VB Wheels